Where Have You Been?

*all my liiiiffeeee* Thank you Rihanna.

Well, first-I got sick.  Then, I went to places like this:



and this.


[Still in Amsterdam]

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Riding on Sunshine

Riding on Sunshine 1

Coffee date with a friend I’ve known since pre-school?  Absolutely.

Nostalgia has been kicking in this winter break–looking at old pictures, seeing friends from high school, realizing you’ve been friends with those people for almost a decade, suddenly Continue reading

Afternoon Worker

Busy bee, busy life!

Afternoon Worker 1

Even on winter break I’m somehow roped into working for my mother.  (More like I opted to help.  Otherwise I’d be Netfilx-ing How I Met Your Mother).

I am a fan of comfy-cozy, especially in the deceivingly cold sunny Colorado weather.

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About Moi

This is me.

Hot Pink

Kenzie Sweeney.  I am a business student studying at a small university in the Midwest.

I have this dream where I can have it all, do it all and be it all.

The trifecta of almost impossible?  Sure. But I can have this triangle of achievement.  And I won’t be getting there alone.

I am the jack of all (well, many) trades but the master of none.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to do and be a variety of things, but I want to master one.  I know me & my dreams best, why not be the master of me!

So here I am chasing a wild dream I have of being a part of the fashion world.  This blog is my Style Land Adventure.

We are our own limits.  I intend to stretch and expand mine.  This is me bridging my dreams to my reality.

Much love,

Kenzie S.

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