Tight & Tall

Tight and Tall


There is something about body tight dresses that make me feel powerful & confident.  Add in a quirky Continue reading


Polka Dot Blues

Polka Dot Blues

Ready, set, MONDAY.

Busy, bustling start of the week calls for Polka Dots, Ray Bans,  & Red Lip Stick.  Add a J. Crew cardigan I found at a vintage Continue reading

Sunday Comfy Sunday

Sunday Comfy Sunday

After a good deal of time and serious packing skills, I fit my life into 3 ½ bags.

Now in Washington D.C., I am amazed by this city.  My first mission post grocery shopping: Find Best Coffee.

Given I have been in this city less than 48 hours, I don’t know what is around.  My solution–RUNNING.  In the last two days, I’ve ran (slash walked) over 12 miles.  To give you an idea of how often I engage in this said activity, the last pair of running shoes I owned were 3 years old.  So, in my quest to become a avid runner Continue reading