Fun Pants

Fun Pants

Haters gonna hate.

Potatoes gonna potate.

Alligators gonna alligate.

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Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Union Station.  A hubbub of  travelers, commuters, business women and men all traveling the same direction: home.

Home to the wife and two kindergarten girls who are waiting at the top of the escalators to surprise you.  Home to the Chipolte bag in the left hand and six-pack of tall boys in the right.  Or home to the 169 pages of “pleasure” reading that happened to be the newest dialogue on editorial philosophy.

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Suit Up

Suit Up

Watch this —> But really though, watch this (click!)

Thank you How I Met Your Mother.  Slightly obsessed?  Guilty.  But seriously, that show is fantastic.  If you disagree, we need to have a chat.

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Afternoon Worker

Busy bee, busy life!

Afternoon Worker 1

Even on winter break I’m somehow roped into working for my mother.  (More like I opted to help.  Otherwise I’d be Netfilx-ing How I Met Your Mother).

I am a fan of comfy-cozy, especially in the deceivingly cold sunny Colorado weather.

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