Good Morning America

And back to school I go!

So from my capitol city love, I bring this patriotic beauty.  Purchased from my favorite vintage boutique in all of DC–Via Gypset.  I happened to catch a glimpse of it hanging in the back behind a closed door…aka it was not for sale yet…But as my going-away gift to myself, I went back and HAD to have it.

The day I left the city, I rented a car, packed it with my many suitcases, drove to Woodley Park, and bought it.  Good ideas.

A 13-hour car ride and day of unpacking later, this is the Evansville debut!


 I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my biiiike.







All photography is done by my best friend, Tyler Wong.  (I have more of his photography coming, he is an incredibly talented human being!  I will post his website when it is updated.)  Thank you!

Last but not least–these two gals we met while shooting.  The best friend pair were riding their bikes down the same street (and were kind enough to let us shoot with their old school boardwalk bike!).  Sweet girls with a good dose of sassafras and spice.  My kind of company.


| Sweater – Zanzea | Shorts – American Eagle | Shoes – Guess | Rings – Aldo & Etsy | Sunglasses – Ray Ban’s | 

Kenzie S.


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