Her Name is Sally

Sometimes I like to get ice cream in Denver.

ice cream

Sometimes I wear Sperries (okay, more than sometimes).  You will see I have several pairs.


& sometimes I match my car.

Sally & Kenzie

Meet Sally.   My Scion XB.  I call her the “Bumblebee Boombox”.  She’s got a secret weapon.


She’s my first car, my first love.  And while her sound system is TOTALLY unnecessary,  it is definitely necessary.   And she is a stick shift.  Which makes driving anywhere make me feel like I am in the middle of Fast & Furious.  Or The Italian Job.


As for this dress–I bought it at Via Gypset.  Isabella (the natural fashionista & totally sweet owner) posted a pic of it on Instagram & I fell IN LOVE.  Next day, I walked straight from work to try it on.  Fit like a dream.   This little shop is such a gem.  When I was moving apartments, I had about 7 of their shopping bags.  I guess you could tell that it’s one of my favorite places in DC.


There really is no place like home.  Peace, Love, & Denver.

Kenzie S.

| Dress – Via Gypset | Shoes – Sperries | Sunglasses – Ray Ban’s | Lip Stick – Revlon |


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