Where Have You Been?

*all my liiiiffeeee* Thank you Rihanna.

Well, first-I got sick.  Then, I went to places like this:



and this.


[Still in Amsterdam]

this too.


[I’m gonna let you guess]

Perhaps here.
Tea Cups

[Disney Land, Paris]

Yes.  IN a tea cup too.

In a tea cup

And I can’t forget here.

Strasbourg Bike Path

[Strasbourg, France]

Last but not least.


[Baden-Baden, Germany]

And at the very end, my computer crashed.  Now, thanks to Dad, computer is up & running and so am I.

This April, my roommate & I made goals to do every day for the month of April.  The one we are doing together–working out 15 minutes everyday.  Even Gandhi said that no matter what we have going on in the day, there is always time for exercise.  Don’t believe me??  Try reading his 500 page autobiography.  He’s a pretty cool guy.

But I miss this.  I enjoy writing, dressing up, pretending I am a princess, etc. So I will see you tomorrow then.

Happy Halfway through April!  What have you been up to??

Kenzie S.





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