Purple Knots

Purple Knots
1. The state of feeling certain about the truth of something.
2. Having no uncertainty about one's own abilities.
Synonyms: assurance, courage, heart, spunk, tenacity

My boost of confidence on this rainy day–purple lipstick. After all, it says so.

But what is confidence? What does it take to be confident?

I think my good buddy Will Shakespeare sums it up well — “This above all: To thine own self be true.”

It’s challenging to walk without fault in this high-pressure award driven society. But if you do falter, do you giggle and say you tested gravity for the day or criticize yourself and continue with eyes lowered?  We are our own harshest critic, give yourself a breath.  Recognize the abilities of your heart.  I  guarantee you, you are more than you know.

So to all who occasionally (or frequently) test gravity–Thank YOU!  I do too.   So very often.   But I have friends who will laugh with me while helping me up.

My confidence stems from me but is rooted in those I love.   They keep me grounded and humble, strong and understanding, happy and proud.

  So I ask you, to any who read–What is your definition of confidence?  What is your confidence?

 Confident Confident
Purple Knots

Sweater – Target | Scarf – Handmade | Skirt – BCBG | Boots – Target | Handbag – Vintage | Lipstick – Lush: Confident

Much Love,

Kenzie S.


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