Farmer’s Market Sunday

Farmer's Market

Every Sunday, there is a Farmer’s Market.  The ambitious hustle of this powerhouse political city eases for a moment and the pressures of the coming week are put on pause.  This is DC’s weekly storybook getaway.

My list of usual goods: Bread, Honeycrisp Apples, & Eggs.

Fresh bread tends to steal my nose and then my feet follow my nose’s wish, the Bread stand.  Good thing it is the first booth I encounter.  The characters of Atwater’s— Mustache, Tan Man, and Ray Bans.  Their mission: “To change the world with wonderful, healthy food and service that makes your day“.  All mellow and smiling, happy, almost proud to pass on the delicious bread.

Next, to my favorite apple man.  A fatherly gent with a withered and faded red baseball cap, his orchard is in Pennsylvania.   This week was the third in a row I’ve patronized his booth and today he seemed to remember me.   We had a small exchange of “how are you” & I asked about his week.  Casual, simple, and usual conversation   When the price came up for the bulk of apples ($7) I handed him a $20 bill.  When he returned my cash, I saw I had $15 change.  I kept my hand held out and asked, “But, $7?” and with a quick, warming smile he responded, “We’re good. ”  All I could say was a smile.

Last was Tom.  Tom is the greatest grandfather but of chickens.  He worked in an executive position with US Airways for 35 years but 15 years ago, decided he wanted a change of pace.  When he told his boss, he posed the question “You are giving up an executive position to manage 1500 chickens.  Why?”.  With a knowing shrug and a hint of friendly sass, he stated his chickens don’t call in sick, always show up on time, and are always in a good mood.  Why wouldn’t he love to work with that.  His has what Chloe, my roommate, calls “Good Karma Chickens”.  They can run around free, see the sun, have a cluck, have a nap, lay an egg, live happy.  We think Tom is a Good Karma Man.

Cheers to good food & good karma.


Farmer's Market Farmer's MarketTank – Frenchi | Jacket – Mark | Leggings – Lauren Conrad | Boots – Boutique 9 | Neckalces – Vintage, American Eagle

Much Love As Always,

Kenzie S.


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