Sporty Spice


Flashback to the playground of Kindergarten–90s & the Spice Girls.  The game to play was “Which Spice Girl are you?

Okay, let’s be real.  We still play that game.

As a fan of Ginger (and all red heads in general) & Sporty Spice, I get to combine the two.  Yes, I do own the British Flag dress but that’s a bit much for walking down the street.

 90s pop start inspiration + red lipstick + Chucks = today.  I like that kind of math.

IMG_2892 IMG_2946


IMG_3032 IMG_2903 IMG_2894




Shirt – Urban Outfitters | Pants – Bebe | Bag – Francesca’s | Shoes – Converse.  Obviously. |  Bracelets – Express & Vintage | Rings – Aldo, Forever 21, Delish Demure

This gal (Lindsey) is one of my roommates & occasional photographer.  You know those people you immediately click with and absolutely adore.  She is one of them.  The other being the third of our equation (Chloe).  These gals make DC an even better place to live.


Much Love,

Kenzie S.


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