Fancy Find: Yellow, Skulls, & Stripes


So this whole Buffalo Exchange thing, I am a fan.

In a city filled with fancy people, I am bound to find some fancy pieces (that I can afford).

Check this:

  • French Connection Dress ($18) and it goes down to my knees.  For a tall girl, this is the ever-impossible-to-find appropriate and flattering garment.
  • Vintage Yellow & Black Polka Dot skirt ($7).  It’s yellow.  And polka dotted.  Enough said.
  • Rose Gold Skull Skinny Leather Belt ($9).  First of all, rosegold goes with everything.  Second, I like the skulls paired with the dainty lady-like accessory.

Total spent: $34

(Ignore tax.  We just won’t chat about that one.  I live in the city where there is non stop talk about the subject.)

One second store found, a whole city to explore.  I can’t WAIT to wear these babies.  Until then, I’m going to be creative with what I got.


Fun Story–In in the store, I ran into the girl who sold the dress to Buffalo Exchange.  That was exciting (and a minisucle bit awkward.  But who doesn’t love those situations!)


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