Suit Up

Suit Up

Watch this —> But really though, watch this (click!)

Thank you How I Met Your Mother.  Slightly obsessed?  Guilty.  But seriously, that show is fantastic.  If you disagree, we need to have a chat.

This is my version of a suit.  I had an interview with my dream internship, so I gots to be lookin’ ready to go.  Little bit-o-leather boots, little bit-o-zipper, little bit-o-gold.  All my jewlery was under $15.  Voila!  Interview ready? Check.  Interview successful? Check.  Got the internship? CHECK! (Yes, I did a happy dance).

And I am still doing a happy dance. :D

Suit Up

Blazer – Yoana Baraschi | Tank – Target | Pants – Bebe | Boots – Steve Madden | Necklace – Wet Seal | Ring – Glitter | Bag – American Eagle

Because I showed up rather early for this & we know I like coffee, I found myself at a familiar Starbucks.  I ended up conversing with two canvas-ers for Children International.  It is a non-profit organization that provides critical assistance to kids & families struggling in poverty.  They said, specifically, diarrhea medicine.  To save a kids life, is about $28 a month.  The guy (tall, fancy oxford kid)  has sponsored a kid since last May and is visiting him in South America in March.  To be less than 30 years old and know you are actively improving a child’s life is inspiring.  Check out their website

Children International

Much Love,

Kenzie S.


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