Ice Cream & Lace


Even on rainy days there is a peekaboo of sunshine.  On this drizzly day, I added a peek-a-boo touch of lace.  This cardi + lace bralet (even though it’s acting invisible in the pictures) is like having your own secret.  It’s the same logic as the days where your underwear match–instant great day.  The structured Ted Baker jacket has a secret beautiful silk lining and makes me feel like a million bucks.

As you notice–the camera was held by an actual human being.  #thankyouroommates

Interesting story…

Once upon a time (last night), I have had a craving for ice cream since New Years.  The little market down the street is sweet and has prices that don’t burn a hole in my college-kid wallet, so I fancied myself down the way gazing into the freezer in the back of the store.  I bumped into an interesting, eclectic man picking up chips across from the wall of creamy ice and directly next to me.  I mentioned there were too many choices and we struck up a conversation.  The culmination of this chance meeting was this man buying ice cream for the first time in a year.  

He said I “inspired him to get a little bit of happiness”.  Made my night.

The little things (ice cream, little conversations at the ice cream isle, lace) make life a little bit more delicious.

photo (1)

Cardigan – Old Navy (yes, this is from high school.  Thumbs up for recycling old clothes) | Bralet – Pink by Victoria’s Secret | Jewlery – American Eagle, Forever 21, Target | Khakis – Missoni | Boots – Jeffery Campbell


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