Polka Dot Blues

Polka Dot Blues

Ready, set, MONDAY.

Busy, bustling start of the week calls for Polka Dots, Ray Bans,  & Red Lip Stick.  Add a J. Crew cardigan I found at a vintage shop ($18!) and a belt from my mom’s wardrobe of the 90s & I have myself a confident outfit.

I can’t just sit.  I get antsy-pantsy & my mind dances around every thought, every task I should be doing.  To prevent the annoying ants in my pants, I stay productive.  And to keep perspective on how much I actually accomplish, I write down my small victories in a yellow composition notebook.

 Celebrate the small stuff.  Like finding a coffeehouse with an inspiring atmosphere and oh what do you know! great coffee.  It’s not just the drinks (n’ snacks) that make a place great–well, it really helps–but it’s the people.  Tryst Coffeehouse is the trifecta.   The customer base is bustling, the atmosphere is creatively stimulating, and the staff is genuine.  Everyone is in their own zone.  Motivated.  Productive. Hungry.  Occasionally caffeine-starved.

Halfway through my work period, I noticed my computer battery at 15%.  And I was sitting close but oh-so-far from any outlet.  Great.  So I spent a good 7 minutes looking like a distracted, caffeine-twitched maniac as I searched for an open outlet.  And sure enough, a spot opened up!  Couch side too.  Comfy work place.  Deal.  Also, this couch happened to fall in the section of the cute server.  Double deal.

As for my missing face, don’t blame the camera!  ‘Twas the table this time.  Soon to be fixed. #noroommatesyetproblems


Polka Dot Blues

Polka Dot Blues

Polka Dot Blues

At Tryst arranging music.

Polka Dot Blues

The ultra-fancy-everything notebook.

Top – Francesca’s

Cardigan – J. Crew

Jeans – American Eagle

Belt – Vintage

Boots – Jeffery Campbell

Necklace – Forever 21


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