Sunday Comfy Sunday

Sunday Comfy Sunday

After a good deal of time and serious packing skills, I fit my life into 3 ½ bags.

Now in Washington D.C., I am amazed by this city.  My first mission post grocery shopping: Find Best Coffee.

Given I have been in this city less than 48 hours, I don’t know what is around.  My solution–RUNNING.  In the last two days, I’ve ran (slash walked) over 12 miles.  To give you an idea of how often I engage in this said activity, the last pair of running shoes I owned were 3 years old.  So, in my quest to become a avid runner, Santa so kindly gifted me with Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes.  Best gift ever.

My legs, however, are complaining at my new found love of distance running.  So, today is an over-sized sweater & comfy boots kind of day.

Mission Status:  Ongoing.  One location found and approved.

First find —-> Café Sorriso

And I happen to accidentally try the pistachio gelato?  Not mad.  Happy result.

Thank you to the table for taking such lovely pictures. #noroommatesyetproblems



Sunday Comfy Sunday

Americano + Gelato + Book (And January Vogue) = Satisfied Sunday

Sunday Comfy Sunday

Brooks PureCadence Loves.  So much pink.

Sunday Comfy Sunday

Running shenanigans.

Sweater – American Eagle

Jeans – Charlotte Russe

Boots – Jeffery Campbell

Jewlery – American Eagle, Forever 21


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