Lip Service: Boob Love

Lip Service

Black leather, pearls, rhinestones, and hot pink lips.

I can dig.

Fact–1 in 8 women have or will have breast cancer in their lifetime.  Check the pink pearled bracelet (below). Continue reading


Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Union Station.  A hubbub of  travelers, commuters, business women and men all traveling the same direction: home.

Home to the wife and two kindergarten girls who are waiting at the top of the escalators to surprise you.  Home to the Chipolte bag in the left hand and six-pack of tall boys in the right.  Or home to the 169 pages of “pleasure” reading that happened to be the newest dialogue on editorial philosophy.

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Purple Knots

Purple Knots
1. The state of feeling certain about the truth of something.
2. Having no uncertainty about one's own abilities.
Synonyms: assurance, courage, heart, spunk, tenacity

My boost of confidence on this rainy day–purple lipstick. After all, it says so.

But what is confidence? What does it take to be confident?

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Raspberry Breeze

Raspberry Breeze

You know those days when your hair works with you, you’re completely awake (thanks to two cups of coffee & a chai), and you were actually coherent enough to put together a not-too-shabby outfit in the morning and you (in reality) have no where to go?  Today is one of those days.  

This kind of day is my kind of day.

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Fancy Find: Yellow, Skulls, & Stripes


So this whole Buffalo Exchange thing, I am a fan.

In a city filled with fancy people, I am bound to find some fancy pieces (that I can afford).

Check this: