Riding on Sunshine

Riding on Sunshine 1

Coffee date with a friend I’ve known since pre-school?  Absolutely.

Nostalgia has been kicking in this winter break–looking at old pictures, seeing friends from high school, realizing you’ve been friends with those people for almost a decade, suddenly feeling really old even though we are really young.  That sort of thing.

Why am I such a coffee fan *addict*?  Besides the fact I actually like how it tastes, I like the common ground it provides.  The idea of coffee with another human being is warming, breaks down the walls a bit, and we enter a little into the realm of vulnerability.  Even if the drink of choice is a smoothie, tea, or they are that guy with the complicated order.

Riding on Sunshine 2

So here’s to Colorado sunshine in the winter time.  Even if it is a high of 28 degrees.

Settling for coffee time, anytime.

Top — Lucky Brand

Pants — Target

Boots — Jeffrey Campbell

Belt — Fossil

Watch — B.P. for Nordstroms

Braclets — Forever 21

Necklace — Delish Demure


6 thoughts on “Riding on Sunshine

    • Hey Jasmin!
      Thank you! I had tried them on at a little boutique 6 hours from my house, so when I found them (a year later) online, I had to have them.
      Thanks for the visit!
      Much Love (:

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