Afternoon Worker

Busy bee, busy life!

Afternoon Worker 1

Even on winter break I’m somehow roped into working for my mother.  (More like I opted to help.  Otherwise I’d be Netfilx-ing How I Met Your Mother).

I am a fan of comfy-cozy, especially in the deceivingly cold sunny Colorado weather.

Adding this blazer to a jeans ‘n t-shirt combo makes me feel a tad fancy-schmancy.

Afternoon Worker 2

Deceivingly cold?! Border line freezing.

Afternoon Worker 3

Afternoon Worker 4

Red Lips anytime of the year.  Especially with snow.
Afternoon Worker 5

Afternoon Worker 6

 Afternoon Worker 7

Thank you to my crazy red-headed little brother for picture taking :)

Blazer – Yoana Baraschi

T-Shirt – Urban Outfitters

Jeans – Levi’s

Heels – Franco Sarto

Bag – Blue Element


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