Riding on Sunshine

Riding on Sunshine 1

Coffee date with a friend I’ve known since pre-school?  Absolutely.

Nostalgia has been kicking in this winter break–looking at old pictures, seeing friends from high school, realizing you’ve been friends with those people for almost a decade, suddenly Continue reading


Afternoon Worker

Busy bee, busy life!

Afternoon Worker 1

Even on winter break I’m somehow roped into working for my mother.  (More like I opted to help.  Otherwise I’d be Netfilx-ing How I Met Your Mother).

I am a fan of comfy-cozy, especially in the deceivingly cold sunny Colorado weather.

Adding this blazer Continue reading

About Moi

This is me.

Hot Pink

Kenzie Sweeney.  I am a business student studying at a small university in the Midwest.

I have this dream where I can have it all, do it all and be it all.

The trifecta of almost impossible?  Sure. But I can have this triangle of achievement.  And I won’t be getting there alone.

I am the jack of all (well, many) trades but the master of none.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to do and be a variety of things, but I want to master one.  I know me & my dreams best, why not be the master of me!

So here I am chasing a wild dream I have of being a part of the fashion world.  This blog is my Style Land Adventure.

We are our own limits.  I intend to stretch and expand mine.  This is me bridging my dreams to my reality.

Much love,

Kenzie S.

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Fancy Find of the Iconic Kind


Ralph Lauren was the first label I fell in love with.  (The fact I could correctly pronounce the name without tripping over an accent may have helped).


I have this thing where it’s nearly impossible for me to find affordable garments that fit, cover skin, etc.  Legs.  They are helpful if you need something on the top shelf.  Don’t ask me to go pants shopping with you.  So when I tried on this lovely skirt at Buffalo Exchange, I fell in love.

Even more so when I saw the price ($21 buckaroos).

Shot straight to heaven (as my jaw remained on the floor) as I saw the label.Ralph Lauren Black Pleated Skirt

Ralph Lauren Black Pleated Skirt + This Coffee-Hyped Ambitious Business Student = Unstoppable.

Power is like being a lady

“Power is like being a lady, if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

Margaret Thatcher was a smart lady.

The ladies we look to as role models have a power, a resilient energy.  On a foundation of confidence this energy radiates grace & humility laced with a sweet genuine note.

What is the secret to this power? My guess–be the best version of yourself.

Just be.